Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LOWONGAN PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara) 2009

PGN(Perusahaan Gas Negara) merupakan salah satu BUMN nasional yang telah Go Public. PGN ini bergerak di bidang transmisi dan distribusi gas bumi.

sekarang ini PGN membuka kesempatan bagi putera dan puteri terbaik dari indonesia yang memiliki komitmen dan memiliki kemampuan juga berkompeten dapat bergabung dengan PGN

informasi dapat dilihat disini

Informasi penerima dapat dibaca langsung dari link diatas.
penerimaan dibuka dengan cara mengisi data secara online lowongan dimulai dari tanggal 22 agustus sampai dengan 29 agustus 2009.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hard Disk Partition Tips

Hard Drive is the most part of computer. hard drive function for storage area. sometime people use this storage without partition. for example one hard drive has capacity 250GB, they use all in one partition include operating system. if they had problem with the operating system may be they may loose thier data if only has one partition.

one of solution to cover that problem is
make two or more partition......

The division of the hard drive does not have specific standards, this is usually based on experience or needs.
The best way is to first determine the category that will be used. For Operating System For example, Data, Master Program, Audio / Video and more.

Operating System For example, Data, Master Program, Audio / Video and more.


Please note that the HDD 80 GB (Gigabyte) is not fully able to save as much as 80 GB of data, as well as when in my computer. For 80 GB HDD, usually only able to store data or legible maximum about 74 GB. For 40 GB become 37 GB, 160 GB = 149 GB, 250 GB = 232, 320 = 298 GB, 500 GB = 465 GB, 640 = 596 GB, 1 TB (terabyte) = 931 GB and beyond. So that we can not share the HDD 80 GB drive with a 4 each the same size and all of my 20 GB.

Now Windows XP Following the example of 160 GB HDD (legible around 149 GB), with operating system Windows XP

  • C Drive: 20 GB (Label "WinXP", to install the Windows XP operating system and other programs)
  • D Drive: 40 GB (Label "Master", to store various master's programs before the install)
  • E Drive: 40 GB (label "Data", to store data or documents)
  • F Drive: 49 GB or the rest (Label "Media", to store audio files and various Video)

Why drive C size only 20 GB? For most people, the location of drive C as the operating system installation does not require a lot of places. For most Windows XP only 2 GB, 1 GB of Office and the rest in the form of other programs and usually is sufficient. So with the size of a small akan easier in maintenance, such as when a virus scan, spyware, defragment hard drives more quickly and more

HDD formatting, size is usually included in MB (Mega Byte). To be legible and HDD of 20 GB, the size of which we include in the MB must be greater than 20,000. If we specify the size 21,500 MB, then this will be my size around 20 GB Or less can be added such as 22000 MB (20.5 GB legible). Similarly when determining the size of 40 GB (43,000 MB of optional). To more easily be able to see Gigabyte Conversion

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


One Of Competition that i ever join, when 50 years of EEPIS and JICA friendship. the competition is join 10 university from Indonesia and then two University From Japan

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cellphones Major parts functions

We are going to discuss here some techniques and steps to repair dead condition in mobile phones irrespectively of brands..
First of all let us now about the main functions to power on a mobile phone so you can consult our next lesson…

Key Components and funtions:

· Battery
· Power Switch
· battery terminal
· Power IC
· Oscilator
· Frequency divider
· Flash (ROM / EEPROM)

A battery is used to provide power supply to our mother board unit so if this battery or on of its funtions fails the whole mobile phone fails to power on. So battery must be in good condition to make a mobile phone power on. Some times the third Pin used in battery which is called “BSI” is not working correctly but voltage can be found in ” + ” and ” - ” terminals, in this situation mobile phone cannot turn on.

Power Switch:
A power switch is used in a mobile phone to turn on and off mobile phones if it is faulty the whole unit cannot power on so keep checking its terminals wether they are connected with the power IC of not if not then you can make a jumpwer and connect it.

Battery terminal:
battery terminals connect battery to mobile phone component unit if its points are dry soldered of unsoldered or bended then you can change and fix this problem which is alwways in the result of no power on. so if battery terminals are working correctly you need to proceed further.

Power IC:
A power IC distributes current among all the components actually a power IC works as ” voltage regulator” and ” power on funtion” so if a power on funtion is faulty the whole unit will not power on. but there are some problems with ICs that we cannot check them wether they are working right or not rather we can only assume that they are faulty if the other functions are correct.

An oscilator makes low frequency which is called clock frequency. this frequency is used to run digital components if this frequency is not available digital components fail to work and the result is power on failure. the out put frequency is used in mobile phone’s CPU and Memory chips and UEM Ic if used.

Frequency divider:
Frequency dividing is a funtion which is used in mobile phones to divide clocke frequency to get accurate frequency to run digital components so if divider is failed power on fault mat occur. this frequency dividing funtion is built in radio ICs commonly like hagar IC or Mojoelner in Nokia mobile phones.

A CPU (central processing unit) is like a brain in mobile phones which controls the major parts of mobile phones so its funtionality is very necessory in mobile phones while testing in boot process but its functionality is assosiated with Memory chips used in mobile phone specially Flash chip.

Flash Chip ( EEPROM)
A flash chip holds booting information in it self it has instructions stored in itself for the CPU to control other components so if flash chip or its software is damaged it mean the set do not power on. in case of damaged software the phone should be treated in flashing process